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EP Roundup

REVIEWThree recently dropped EPs that are well worth a listen

Here are a few EPs that have recently stood out to me:

Etta Bond '2 Metres Apart'

I have been following the career of Etta Bond since 2014 when I first heard the track 'Feels Like' and I've been a fan ever since.  When I heard that Etta was going to grace us with her soulful tones exploring the current coronavirus pandemic I knew I was going to love it.

The EP is the perfect urban expression for this time.  Stuck indoors with cabin fever, missing loved ones, daydreaming, emotional want and stress are all covered expertly in the lyrics and Etta's manner, tone and expression in music makes it all very real and relatable.

It’s a 4 track EP with the first track 'On A Beach' being the pick of the bunch.  Get on Youtube and watch the music video, which is shot at Etta’s home - 'creative' is an understatement.  "I could be chilling on a beach with you" is the mantra and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been longing for that aswell!

6lack '6pc Hot EP'

In 2016 6lack dropped the 'Free 6lack' project and I've been listening gratefully ever since.  He now graces us with the 6 track EP '6pc Hot EP', which I think is his best project since 'Free 6lack'.  In a competitive genre which includes Bryson Tiller, Roy Woods, Partynextdoor and The Weeknd I feel there are two stand out talents: Brent Faiyaz and 6lack.  The Atlanta based crooner woos us with timely vocals that are gently pitched, chewed and screwed.  The production is tight yet organic with the atmospheric synths and 808 tracks to be expected from Atlanta-centric artists.  Definitely check this out.

Potter Payper '2020 Vision EP'

Heeeeeeee’s back and this EP is so strong!  For me Potter Payper is at the top of UK hip hop and should be considered one of the elite.  Recently back from behind bars, we now hope we'll be getting a copious amount of new music from the UK talent.  The EP is great with lyrical content that is strong, hard and believable.  He always provides punch lines with clarity.  UK slang floats about the track but those who are unfamiliar with the lingo can still enjoy and understand the context.  I was worried that on his return Potter may be drawn toward the UK Drill movement which has taken the music scene by storm but instead he’s done what he’s always done well, demonstrated unquestionable talent over solid UK production.

Written by Mark 
Edited by Lee 

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