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NEWS: Yeezy 700 Sun, Bright Blue and Wave Runner

With another Yeezy 700 to release shortly are we seeing a change in styling and colour palette from Adidas and Yeezy?

To date the most popular / desired colourway in this silhouette is the Yeezy 700 “Wave Runner”. The Yeezy Boost 700 "Wave Runner" absolutely transformed the industry when it was first unveiled back in 2017 as part of Kanye West's Yeezy Season line-up. Yeezy Mafia recently confirmed that this shoe will be getting a major restock this year (predicted August).

Officially dubbed the "Solid Grey", the "Wave Runner" is as premium as it gets. Colour blocked to perfection, light grey leather and suede panels are contrasted by stark black nubuck, while pops of turquoise mesh also add a touch of colour into the mix. This, combined with the use of "Semi Frozen Yellow" laces, results in an aesthetic that has certainly stood the test of time.

However, following this the colour palette for the subsequent versions was very subtle The “Analog”, “Inertia”, “Salt”, “Magnet” and “Mauve” are all soft blues, pinks, creams and charcoal greys. That was until January 2021 when we go the Yeezy 700 “Sun”. The silhouette is seen here with an upper crafted with a combination of supple suede and yellow mesh for an eccentric look. Just like the original Yeezy Boost 700 known as the "Wave Runner", the dark turquoise panels along with black accents forefoot remains for the look that made the OG so iconic. Underfoot, a pale orange midsole equipped with a dark brown gum rubber outsole ensures that these offer comfort and cushioning on a level that all your other kicks can't even come close to rivalling it.

This was a pleasant surprise to us Sneakerheads because at this release they also dropped the price of the shoe. Yet here we are on the verge of another Yeezy release of another 700 that is just as colourful. Unlike the former Yeezy Boost 700s we've seen before, this variant sees an upper coated in a bold blue hue, joined with a light turquoise tone forefoot that is very similar to the OG "Wave Runner" from 2017. The scheme is further combined with lighter shades of blue across the sidewalls, and a full-length adidas Boost midsole dipped in an eye-catching tangerine colour. The legendary model is rounded off a black rubber outsole underfoot for enhanced traction, and co-branding details on the insole finalising the legendary collaboration.

So are we to expect this new bold colourways to continue going forward or will he revert to type with subtle colour and slight military styling?

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